New Patients

First Visit

Congratulations on taking the necessary steps to taking your health to the next level! In order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we’ve outlined what you can expect on your first visit with Dr Josée at Optimal Health Centre, because really? Who likes surprises when going to see a doctor?

  1. In order to better serve you, we ask that you complete the first visit attached paperwork prior to your visit or come by 10 minutes earlier in order to do so.  This will allow us to collect the necessary information regarding your reasons for seeking chiropractic care and make sure we address your health concerns.
  2. Dr Josée will take the time to sit down with you and discuss in further details your needs and wants as well as dig in a bit deeper in order to get to the cause of your problem.
  3. Because as human beings we are more than the mere sum of our parts, a Digital Foot Scan and Digital Postural Examination will be performed to assess how our body’s biomechanics and posture might be contributing to our body’s daily stress load.
  4. A Neuro-spinal scan will then be performed, using the Insight Subluxation Station to assess in an objective matter how your body functions. This serie of tests will not only evaluate the energy expenditure of the muscles stabilizing your spine, but will also measure any nerve interference that may be present and prevent you from functioning at your optimal level! These tests will also allow us to generate a CoreScoreTM in order to track your progress while under chiropractic care.
  5. A thorough chiropractic examination will then be performed which consists of the palpation of your spine, in order to assess for subluxations. If needed orthopedic and neurological tests will also be performed to best assess your condition.
  6. If x-rays are considered necessary, you will be referred to the Rockland Imaging Centre, conveniently located down the street from Optimal Health Centre for digital spinal x-rays which not only allows us to assess for decay/degeneration but also any congenital abnormalities and your spine’s alignment and biomechanic.
  7. Adjustment aren’t usually delivered on the first visit as Dr Josée wants to take the necessary time to go over all your results to offer you the best customized care possible. But don’t worry, on your 2nd visit, she will go over all of the initial visit’s findings with you so that you may make an enlightened decision about your health’s path and you may start care then if applicable.

Second visit (Report of Finding)

After your initial examination, a second visit will be scheduled in order for you to review all the results with Dr. Josée. It is during this session that you will get all the necessary information to decide what phase of chiropractic care best suits your health needs and goals from the following options:

Pain relief care: This is quite often the first phase of care, unless the patient is seeking wellness care. This phase can be characterized by swelling, lack of motion, muscle spasm and some degree of pain/discomfort. We could compare this stage to your body trying to convey the urgency of you paying closer attention to its needs to the Check Engine light coming on in your car. We can’t ignore the problem any longer! Because there is some degree of discomfort involved, it is the stage in which symptoms predominate the patient’s concern. Treatment during this stage can consist of stretches and chiropractic adjustments of the spine, along with ice and heat therapy, as needed. The pain relief care phase may last a few days to a few weeks. Treatment is normally at its highest level, with many conditions requiring multiple visits each week.

Factors that may affect the patient’s progression include:

  1. the patient’s age;
  2. the patient’s weight;
  3. how long the patient has had the condition;
  4. to what degree the patient can avoid the activities that aggravate the condition;
  5. to what degree the patient follows the advice of the doctor;
  6. the patient’s threshold level of pain; and
  7. whether the patient has other health issues.

Corrective care: The corrective care phase begins when the pain has been significantly reduced. This stage is characterized by the patient feeling like he is able to resume his normal activities. This is a critical phase, because returning to old habits too quickly might cause reinjury. This occurs because the condition has not yet been fully stabilized. Through chiropractic care and some soft tissue work, we attempt to keep the muscle spasm in check, as well as re-educate those same muscles into their normal tone and length. The chiropractic adjustments allow for increased spinal mobility to facilitate proper function to the spine and nervous system. This phase of care can take anywhere from a few weeks with very minor conditions, to months for more severe conditions. The frequency of care can still be multiple visits per week, but perhaps not as frequent as in the pain relief care phase.

Strengthening phase of care: This phase of care is characterized by significant reduction of pain, no pain or stabilization of pain in severely chronic cases. The frequency of visits continues to reduce, while rehabilitative exercises typically increase. The goal  at this stage is to strengthen the soft tissue that surrounds the affected spinal segments so that proper function becomes consistent in these regions of the spine. Consistent function not only allows for reduced pain of the muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also allows for the proper function of the organs and tissues that the nerves of the area control.

Wellness/Prevention care:  The fourth and final stage of care is wellness care. This is the stage in which the pain is either totally gone, or extremely stable in chronic situations. Treatment frequency can range from once per week to once every month or so. The goal of this stage is to keep the patient at an optimal health level. Just like we bring our car in for regular oil changes, tire rotation and maintenance, in order to keep the benefits of a properly functioning well-aligned spine, we must maintain it. The good news is that usually, once we reach this level of care, we have come to learn and adopt healthier lifestyle habits that help support optimal health. If  for any reason, something should happen resulting in a spinal injury, it is very common that less care will be required in order to recondition the spine. We often see this phenomenon in highly conditioned athletes who recover from injuries much faster than it would take most of us to recover from the same injury.

At Optimal Health Centre we encourage any questions that you may have as they help you better understand your body, possible stressors and what you can do on a daily basis to maximize your health.

Please note that this consultation is free of charge as it is an extension of your first visit. After the consultation, you will be offered the opportunity to start care if you wish to do so, and that’s when you would receive your first treatment, better known as a chiropractic adjustment.

Regular visits

Although we ask that you schedule 45 minutes for your initial examination and report of finding, you should expect approximately 15 minutes for your following regular chiropractic visits. Once frequency of care has been established, we recommend that you pencil in your visits in advance so that we may best accommodate your schedule. If, for any reason, you cannot come to your scheduled appointment, we ask that you provide 4h notice so that we may offer your timeslot to another of our patients.

A re-examination is performed every 12-24 visits. The re-examination consists of:

  • re-scanning your spine utilizing the Insight Subluxation Station to track your CoreScore™,
  • a digital foot scan to assess any changes in your body’s biomechanics,
  • a digital postural analysis in order to track postural changes, and
  • orthopedic/neurologic tests as needed.

The care plan may then be altered as needed in order to maximize your progression to Optimal Health.