Chiropractic Care for the Athlete

Are you an athlete who wants to take your performance to the next level?

Chiropractic helps athletes
Every second of your life, messages are being sent to and from your brain to every single cell, muscle and organ of your body to ensure optimal function. When engaging in a physical activity, these messages sent through your body’s nervous system allow your body to know where it stands in space and how to adapt in order to maintain balance and coordination, and to maximize its efforts. By maintaining a clear and efficient brain-body connection, chiropractic helps you perform to your best ability through improved proprioception.
Neurological factors aside, chiropractic can also help you prevent injuries on a biomechanical basis. Muscles attach to bones. If your spine, pelvis or any of your extremities misalign, this will affect your body’s muscle tone, creating asymmetries from side to side. In such cases, it is important to stretch and work the muscles properly; however, if their attachments have chronically misaligned, this will only provide short-term relief.
A third factor to consider is the weight-bearing load being distributed upon impact during physical activities. Is it being symmetrically distributed? If not, some areas of the body will have to account for more than their share, which leads to soft tissue injuries and wear and tear, better known as degenerative changes or arthritis. Upon impact, a large part of the entering forces are absorbed by the body. Re-establishing symmetry in the body’s alignment decreases these effects, allowing the body to move and function as it was designed to do!